Initiatives under development

Some of our initiatives are still being developed with commissioning bodies or partner organisations or are still in pilot stages. These are outlined below.


Brightstripe for Learning


A prototype audience engagement app for Android devices has been created through CATH funding with the University of Birmingham. Seeking to enhance visitors’ sensory experience and historical understanding of often unmanned landscapes this app was tested at the Herefordshire hill fort of Credenhill. Stories, history and artefacts of Credenhill hill fort are conveyed through a soundscape creating an immersive sensory experience bringing history and geology to life with historically accurate content – all meticulously researched with academic rigour. Hopefully in the future we can develop the app for other unmanned landscapes so visitors can unravel mysteries, choose their own story paths and understand landscapes on their own terms. To find out more please contact Annie Millen on 01432 358232 or 07983493960, or email Annie Millen.

Brightstripe for Health

Work It!

Tailored six week programme taken from a menu of activities to increase health awareness and activity within the workplace to:

  • Prevent days lost through sickness
  • Improve mental well-being
  • Increase self-esteem, motivation and concentration.
Brightstripe for Health


CREATION offers young people not in main stream education or experiencing absenteeism due to health, behavioural issues or caring responsibilities opportunities to engage in learning through creativity on a 1-1 basis in a suitable and convenient environment. This could be supporting core learning objectives or relieving anxiety through music, animation or clay. All programmes are bespoke in terms of duration, when and content. To find out more please contact Annie Millen on 01432 358232 or 07983493960, or email Annie Millen.