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Love your Learning

Love your Learning’s creative approach allows schools, Children's Centres, PRUs and Adult learners to explore their learning and take risks, in a supportive partnership grounded in action-based research… Read more

Serious about closing the learning gap, particularly for FSM-eligible pupils; or planning whole school change; or skilling up Adult learners, Love your Learning aims to accelerate the progress of underachieving or disengaged pupils whatever their age in maths, literacy or science skill sets and encourage independent learning. For Preschoolers and KS1&2 pupils we do this through EYFS principles, utilising transferable creative techniques, where teachers and pupils together gain new strategies for planning, engaging, delivering and evaluating; creating a more meaningful and memorable learning experience. Working collaboratively with Huw Evans, an independent education consultant; Head Teacher Bridget Knight from our active partner school Eardisley Primary; and a team of creative practitioners headed up by Visual Artist Adrian Higgins, Love your Learning can embrace a class topic, or an interest and contribute towards the accredited Trinity College’s Arts Award & Artsmark certification which Brightstripe can support in an Advisory Role at Silver, Bronze, Discover and Explore Arts Award levels. To find out more or if you a require an Assessment for Learning visit, please contact Annie Millen on 01432 358232 or 07983493960 and see how Brightstripe can tailor this for you.

Moves to Succeed

Designed to reduce challenging behaviour and support vulnerable young people to develop coping strategies for life… Read more

This pioneering programme uses moves carried out in a variety of dance styles such as street, break, Latin, ballroom and contemporary. Motivational and effective in reducing challenging behaviour – 98% of students showed improvement in behaviour and attitude (results of a 3 term Year 5/6 programme in 4 Hereford Primary schools) – Moves to Succeed (M2S) is based on the underlying belief that physical movements have strong psychological links. A fun programme, it also enables participants to learn different skills offering potential improvements to family life and learning attitudes, as well as total body confidence and co-ordination for the individual or a group of young people. Perfect in all schools or for families or individuals that need support, M2S can complement Primary to Secondary transitional programmes. Interested in Moves to Succeed as CPD for your staff or parents, or a programme or club for your school or group or would like a free DVD Toolkit (p&p apply) then please contact Annie Millen on 01432 358232 or 07983493960 and see how Brightstripe can tailor this for you.


Vibrant weekly sessions (from 20 to 40 minutes) focusing on helping young people to learn new transferable skills to support their learning, and have fun within their school or group…Read more

Brightstripe acts as a broker and sources quality creative and sports practitioners with alternative creative skill sets to those of the existing teaching staff to deliver breakfast, lunchtime or after-school clubs. Stimulating and refreshing for the kids, Refocus re-energises pupils getting them ready for learning or home-life.  If you fancy a Refocus programme tailored to your school or clubs needs contact Annie Millen on 01432 358232 or 07983493960.


Four-year programme funded through National Lottery and Sport England, aiming to engage teenagers and young adults (aged 14 – 25) to receive six to eight weeks of coaching in a sport of their choice… Read more

Nationally, Sportivate is aiming for 300,000 young people to take part in the programme and inspire over 120,000 to continue to play sport regularly, as part of the legacy of the Olympic Games in London 2012. Funded locally by the Sports Partnership Herefordshire and Worcestershire, who are aiming to retain 3,525 young people within sports over the four years. Sportivate aims to enhance health and wellbeing for young people involved – giving them more energy and tackling potential boredom. Wider societal and economic benefits include providing positive healthy outlets and reducing strain on NHS, while tackling potential antisocial behaviour and cost of crime or substance/alcohol abuse. Are you aged between 14 and 25 years and do you want to receive six to eight weeks of coaching in a sport? Contact Amy to find out about the range of sport on offer and see how you can get involved. Contact Amy Chandler on 07508181174 or 01432 358 232.


y.Art Inspirational project, leading to increased skills and aspirations for young people and building capacity of both established and emerging artists in Herefordshire. Artists (Arts Award trained) lead creative sessions offering young people the opportunity to work in a variety of artforms, including film, animation, media, music and visual arts…Read more

The y.Art artistic team is supported in each venue by a youth worker who leads on behavioural issues and provides an ongoing relationship with them. We work closely with HVOSS (Herefordshire Voluntary Organisations Support Service) who provide a link to the youth centres and groups across the county.The opportunity for young people to take an Arts Award qualification while involved in the project. On the job vocational training for trainee artists, led and supported by professional artists, overseen by Brightstripe practitioners, who provide personal development plans. Art College placement students have also been offered a chance to experience real-life creative projects – increasing their understanding and knowledge of the local arts’ sector. Working closely with voluntary organisations and local artistic providers means y.Art can be tailored for you. If this sounds exciting for your local group, then make contact with Deborah Allison on 07983495993 or 01432 358 232 to discuss further.