Herefordshire Art Weekh.Art 2017 will take place from 9th to 17th September.

Registration is open for artists from  Monday 13 March to Friday 14 April. BUT NOT ON THIS SITE. Please go to:

This site will close on 27 March.

In 2016 the reported evaluation figures were:

over 77% of visitors main reason to visit was to purchase artwork. 82% rated their experience as enjoyable and over 72% would recommend it to others, so room for improvement but still good.

43% of artists rated h.Art as very important to their business. the average numbers of visitors per venue was 368. The average sales figures were £2,598 per venue. 94% of artists enjoyed h.Art and 87% would recommend it to others.

35,000 fliers went out in 2016.  The h.Art guide reached over  30,000 visitors across the county and beyond.



h.Art will become independent of Brightstripe this year, due to the closure of Brightstripe.

“Brightstripe is having to close, due to circumstances beyond our control around inherited pension regulations.

Sadly we will close on the 31st March, but have planned to honour, complete and make provision for all current initiatives.

The last four years have seen some great successes including the development of h.Art.  The Brightstripe team sincerely thank everyone that’s supported us and been involved in creating a strong legacy for Herefordshire”