hollynewlogo_KBrightstripe for Culture’s h.Art – Herefordshire Art Week is a nine day art trail, for artists, craftmakers and creative businesses to open studios, galleries and group exhibitions to raise their profile and sell artwork.

Christmas Exhibitions & Open Studios                   26 & 27 Nov and 3 & 4 Dec                

h.Art – Herefordshire Art Week artists and venues are opening in the run up to Christmas, giving people the special opportunity to visit and buy direct from local artists and designer makers at their exhibitions and studios across Herefordshire. Handmade unique pieces of artwork made with care, the perfect personal Christmas gift for friends, family and loved ones.

To see the locations of the venue numbers, open the h.Art map, and to see full address including postcode and contacts, open the h.Art guide.






                                                            Opening times for               Opening times for

                                                            26th – 27th Nov                         3rd – 4th Dec

Venue Ref.

Hereford City

Pg. 2 AS Applestore Gallery                     10-4pm                                     10-4pm

Pg. 25 1 The Old Cricket Pavilion            10-4pm                                      10-4pm

            1 Also open Weds 30th, Thurs 1st, Fri 2nd

South Herefordshire

Pg. 14   WA Woody’s Art Cafe                  Not open             3rd Dec 10-8pm, 4th Dec 9-3pm

Pg. 13 SC Sally Boehme + Clifford Johnson  10-5pm                            10-5pm

Pg. 13 KP Kathy Priddis                           10-4pm                                      10-4pm                   

Pg. 15 BD Bridget Drakeford                   Not open                                     10-5pm

West Herefordshire

Pg. 17 LL Little Llanafon Craft Centre  11-4pm                                         11-4pm

Pg. 17 MS Manu Song                               Not open                                   10-5pm

Pg. 17 VP Vanessa Pomeroy                    12- 6pm                                     12-6pm

            VP Also open Fri 25th Nov &  Fri 2nd Dec 3-7pm both days

North Herefordshire

Pg. 20 OC Old Chapel Gallery     26th 11-5pm, 27th 11-4pm         3rd 11-5pm, 4th 11-4pm

East Herefordshire

Pg. 7 BG Blue Ginger Gallery                   10-5pm                                    10-5pm

Pg. 8 CB Caro Burberry                             10-5pm                                     10-5pm

Pg. 8 DG The Glass Orchard                    10-4pm                                      10-4pm

Pg. 9 TT Trumpet Tea Room:Gallery & Studio 26th Nov 11-4pm   3rd Dec 11-4pm

Pg. 12 SH Stuart Houghton + Fleen Doran  Not open                                10-5pm

Pg. 13 KLS Lit & Betty Smith                   Not open                                    11-5pm

Pg. 27 7 Studiocrafts                                   10-3pm                                   Not open

Pg. 26 6 The Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen  Not open                       10-4.30pm


hArt Week 2017 will take place from 9th to 17th September.

DonkeyEstablished some 14 years ago, h.Art is a prestigious annual event across Herefordshire, with a huge variety of art on show with at least 16 different media, 250 individual artists and 97 different venues across the whole county. With the vast majority offering free admission to visitors, h.Art promises a fun day out in one of England’s most beautiful counties as well as the chance to go on the famous h.Art Trail.
Old House

See an array of artwork at group exhibitions in the city and countryside, in fabulous locations such as castles, manor houses, historic barns, farms and churches and beautiful gardens. Personal encounters with some of the UK’s finest artists and makers in the intimacy of their homes and studios, make h.Art really special for art lovers. Discovering new work as well as being able to buy or commission exactly what they want combine to attract art lovers like bees to honey to h.Art. On top of that visitors also have the opportunity to attend special events, such as talks, demonstrations, workshops and entertainment within the wonderful venues.

For artists, craftmakers, galleries and venues including churches, manors and castles, h.Art offers the chance to raise their profiles in one of the best open studio events in the country. Our website promotes participating artists all year round, so keep up-to-date with your favourites.