“The arts, I had forgotten, are a kind of concentrated medicine for the soul”

Quote by Melanie Reid in Spinal Column – The Times Magazine, Sat 15 Feb, 2014

“I was a complete beginner when I started British Nordic Walking in February 2014 with Brightstripe. A friend of mine had told me about the introductory course teaching British Nordic walking. My confidence level was low, and I had learning barriers due to physical and mental health needs. The course was during the day and this suited me best as I was unemployed coming out of a career break. I successfully completed the course, and I have no doubt this was to do with the inclusive teaching style of the instructor Zoe Hooper and the approach of Brightstripe.”
Participant of Nordic Walking 

“Excellent tuition, friendly and lots of fun. I feel very pleased that my body can still learn new ways of working.”
Participant of Herefordshire MIND Nordic Walking Group, 2015 

“We have worked closely as a College with the team who have now formed Brightstripe for a number of years. They are highly professional and very experienced, and are responsible for a wide range of innovative and transformative initiatives that have made a huge contribution to the cultural life of the region. The most recent project on which we have collaborated has been y.Art, which has been both successful and well managed, and we are hoping will be able to continue in the future as it promises to make a significant difference to the career development of some of our students as well as the young people with whom they work.
Richard Heatly, Principal, Hereford College of Arts

“I have worked collaboratively with Brightstripe staff over the last few years prior to them forming this new organisation outside the Local Authority.

“I have found them to be innovative and inspiring to residents of the County in terms of their promotion of a wide variety of creative and cultural arts. I know that the VCS in Herefordshire, with whom my own experience lies, hold them in high regard and that they work well in partnership with a large number of organisations in all sectors. They are highly experienced and professional and their work with all ages is highly valued. Certainly the Arts work of Brightstripe in Herefordshire is something of which we are rightly proud and I am happy to endorse any application for funding which allows them to replicate past successes or develop new opportunities.”
Alex Fitzpatrick,
 Third Sector Liaison Officer
, Herefordshire Council

“I think Jog & Jiggle is brill. Really gives people an opportunity to jog and get to know people. It’s a fab stress relief and it’s great to have some company on a run.”
Participant from the Kindle Centre Jog & Jiggle Group, 2015 

“Jog & Jiggle has given me the push to get back to running after 15years! It’s great fun too!”
Participant from the Queenswood Park Jog & Jiggle Group, 2015 

“Fabulous event please let it continue.”

“This is our second year of organising Postcards from Life. We are absolutely delighted that so many artists from h.Art have donated a piece of art. The art is really outstanding and we would like to say a huge thank you to Brightstripe and all the talented artists. Brightstripe & h.Art have made a genuine & significant difference to this year’s Postcards for Life”
Paddy Nugent, Community Fundraising Manager, St Michaels Hospice, Hereford

“The show is a must visit yearly experience”
Visitor to Hereford Contemporary Craft Fair 2014

“Loads of discerning visitors. Really good atmosphere.”

Exhibitor at Hereford Contemporary Craft Fair 2014

“A wonderful programme of art – very enriching and essential to a healthy society.”

h.Art visitor 2015

“It’s a well organised show with easy set up and a good amount of visitors, I will apply again – Thank you very much I enjoyed it.”
Exhibitor at Hereford Contemporary Craft Fair 2014

“Having taken part in h.Art for 5 years, it now takes priority in my business and social calendar. A unique and fabulously run event with many unexpected benefits “
h.Art artist 2014

“h.Art was my first selling event nine years ago when I started my pottery producing hand thrown kitchenware. As a newcomer I appreciated very much the support given by the h.Art team. h.Art continues to be professionally run, essential for all new and not so new members. It’s been a very successful event for me every year so far with strong sales supported by the strong h.Art brand. I look forward to another successful event in 2015 when I’m hoping to improve my own marketing well before the event.”
Stuart Houghton, an appreciative long term h.Art participant.

“An amazing range of talent, brilliantly organised very welcoming wherever we went.  Thought the idea of tea and coffee and biscuits with donations to local charities a lovely touch.  Can’t wait for next year!”
h.Art visitor 2014

“Food for the soul.”
h.Art visitor.

“h.Art is a wonderful boost for my business, it attracts groups of lovely visitors each year!”
Sheila Jones, Upper Fields Farm SC/holiday house 2016

“Food for the soul.”
h.Art visitor 2015

“I have mobility and balance problems. This course which is a 6 week run, has helped me to strengthen muscles and there is a slight improvement in my balance.  I have really appreciated the opportunity to try something new.  I have started exercises at home which hopefully will help me to keep the improvement started by the course. Our teacher, Shirley has been so empathetic, which helped tremendously. I would hope, and ask for a follow up course in the new year.”
Participant in Tai Chi course 2014

“Can I on behalf of the Club, express our thanks and appreciation for your support during the process?

“Having been out of the system for a few years and a little rusty as to the requirements of the application process it was useful to get a second opinion and be able to tweak words here and there and hence strengthen the bid.

“It was not a long time ago that I was on your side of the fence and a few words of thanks were sometimes rare.

“In this case, a huge thanks, it is well deserved. It is now the work really starts, delivering the outcome.”
Ledbury Rugby Club